Today, my blog preview says: “Ready to make your first post?” and I laughed a little, because I just spent the last 30 minutes deleting the previous 315 that I wrote, since October 26, 2016.

Last week, someone used my vulnerability and honesty that I wrote here, to attack me. They threatened me, insulted me, and when I didn’t respond, they wouldn’t give up. I deleted 16 comments here that were all different levels of awful, was attacked on social media, blocked them everywhere I could, and they found my personal email and continued their attack.

Eventually, I called the police and they dealt with this person.

When you get to the point where an anonymous blog that you use to help process the stress in your life is the reason you are talking with a constable about a safety plan and restraining orders, you choose yourself.

Today I made the decision to delete my blog completely. I am kind of in love with the serendipity, that I started this blog a few days before I met A and I deleted it a few days after I realized that I’m finally over him.

This is my last post here and it is to say thank you. For your support, encouragement, criticism, and your audience.

I will be starting a new blog, probably in a few months as I determine how I want to move forward and the dust settles on this last ridiculousness. Feel free to email me at polyagonyorpolyamory(AT) if you want me to direct you there.