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Some of my good friends started a polyamory group on Facebook that is secret and to be added you need to come to a pub night.  Several weeks ago the first pub night occurred. It was fantastic. There were about 30 people there and I met a few new people and got to chat with some old friends too. I drank a fair bit.  

During the day preceding the pub night, I spent quite a bit of energy convincing A that he should join me for the pub night.  It was a fun and teasing dialogue full of innuendo, full of laughter and lightness.  It was great.  I succeeded in my mission, in part.  A picked me up at the pub night and drove me home.  Our babysitter and her son were sleeping in our spare bedroom, the room I normally use when “entertaining” my man friends.  So, we headed to the master bedroom instead.  At some point during our rather enthusiastic time in bed, I reached up to brace myself on the headboard and heard a crack.  When I woke up in the morning, I discovered this:


So, laughing, I sent A a picture of the bed and then sent it to hubby with the caption: “So, I may have broken the bed last night!”


Hubby: “Well, that’s intimidating! Is A OK? Do I need to help you bury a body?


Me: “Bahahahahaha! He’s fine.”


Hubby: “Tell him good work!”


Naturally, I took screen shots of this conversation and sent them to A.  I also sent it to some of my friends.  Of course, A shared the story with his wife and several of his friends.  Why wouldn’t he?  Why wouldn’t I?  Every guy wants to tell a story of breaking a girl’s bed.  Even better when her husband laughs it off and congratulates him.


So, yesterday evening, I picked up my kids and came home to hubby’s girlfriend (who now has her own key to our house) and her kids here.  She was going to watch my kids before hubby came home so that I could go out early with my girlfriends.  So, before I left, hubby’s girlfriend and I dismantled my irreparably broken bed so that it wouldn’t collapse in the night on me, since hubby was going to sleep in our spare bed with his girlfriend. So, I broke hubby and my bed with my partner, and then hubby’s partner helped me take it apart.  My life is amazing.


So, off to dinner with my three favourite girlfriends.  In the meantime, A and D are out together with their wives at a Robbie Burns event at a local pub.  A’s wife and D’s wife are best friends.  This could be complicated, but it’s not.  As the night progresses, I get a picture from a number that I haven’t seen before.  It’s of A and D and hilarious.  I realize that the only person it could come from was A’s wife, so I respond with a “Hi!  Having fun?”, and a hilarious exchange occurs. In the meantime, A is message me, as is D.  A and his wife are both trying to convince me to join them.  I was really reluctant to join them all, because I had never met A’s wife, and she had a rather surreal image in my mind, after all I’d heard about her from A, D, and D’s wife.  I said “Maybe I’ll come, we’ll see.” to A, and he responded with one word: “Coward!”  My next response was “I’ll be there in 5 minutes!”.  


A asked me not to tell D I was coming.  Of course, I didn’t, but I was slightly worried he’d be upset that I was crashing their night.  As usual with D, those concerns were unfounded.  I walked into a full bar and found D immediately, which is generally easy, as he sticks out in a crowd.  His back was turned to me, so I tapped him on the shoulder.  He turned around and the look on his face made it worth coming.  I could see the thoughts pass through his mind about what the protocol was, and then the decision to hug me and kiss me and say “Hi” and “I’m glad you’re here.”  He immediately pointed me out to his wife, who gave me a giant hug and screamed my name.  Then immediately A’s wife spotted me and gave me a hug and said she was happy to see me and glad I came.  So, I made my way to A, who gave me a hug.  While D is very open about our relationship, A is not out, so just a hug.  Then a hilarious exchange between A and D, where D called A a “Fucker” and they laughed.  D kept saying his mind was blown.  It was hilarious.


As the night went on, there was much alcohol, some haggis, whiskey, and lots of laughter.  I got pictures of me with my metamours and pictures with both my boys.  It was amazing. The conversations were the best.  Here is a summary of the ones I can think of right now, because it would take me too long to type out the entire night on a timeline.


Chatting away with A and one of his friends, who I’ll call “S” (because if my dates get to S, I’ll be very surprised).  Somehow, S figures out who I am, being one of the few friends who know A is polyamorous.  The look on his face is priceless.  He says, “So it’s your bed that A broke?”  


Me: “Well, A and I broke it, yes.  And then my husband’s girlfriend helped me disassemble it and move it out of the house today, so I don’t collapse into in my sleep tonight.  


S: “That’s crazy, how does this work?  How do I get to do this?”


Me and A in unison: “Talk to your wife.”


Later in the evening, I caught S talking to another one of A’s friends about me and just smiled and waved my finger at him.


At some point, I’m standing with A and D comes over.  We are laughing and joking and D brings up my broken bed:


“So, you broke her bed last night?”


A (laughing): “Sure did”


D: “Which bed was it?  The upstairs one?” (A nods)  “Oh, well I don’t care about the upstairs bed, just the downstairs one.”


A and his wife went home earlier than the rest of us.  I decided to crash on the couch at D’s place, so I didn’t have to make my way as far home.  When D cleared it with his wife, she just said “Fuck that, she can have the bed, I’ll sleep downstairs!”  I asked her several times if it she was sure, and she insisted.  So, we all got our Uber home. We were talking to another couple there who were confused as to why I was going to their house.  They live closer to me and were offering to drop me off.  Then D’s wife says “Look, this is how it is.  I’m D’s wife. This is D’s girlfriend. She’s coming home with us.  I’m going to sleep on the couch, she’s going to sleep with him in bed.”  Their eyes popped out of their head, but they did recover quickly.  In the end, they just said “cool”!  And left it at that.


D and I ended up drunken chatting until early hours of the morning.  It was amazing.  In the morning, we all got up and made our way out for brunch. Then D took me home and our lovely poly night was over.  


My life with A and D is amazing.  More on this soon.  I started writing this post three weeks ago, it’s taken me this long to get here!


Author: Polyagony or Polyamory

In August 2016, after 10 years of being "happily" married, my husband and I decided to embark on a life embracing polyamory. This blog is about that adventure. It's a place for me to let out my thoughts and emotions, as we discover the good and the bad of the life we have chosen. Several months later, the path we have chosen has led us down different paths, farther and farther away from each other, but no less of an adventure. If anything interests you, I'd love your comments and feedback. Discussion and differing opinions are always welcome.

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