Busy dating

Things are moving forward. I had this funny experience the other night where I was the only exclusively poly person at the table with a bunch of swingers at a poly pub night.  It was actually just a super fun group and we had a great time.  I love the diversity of people I am meeting and spending time with.  People who are open-minded and interesting and accepting of people and their differences.  

    Of course, with this, comes a bunch of people who aren’t that accepting.  People who judge others for their version of poly, or for being poly and swingers too, or for being solo poly instead of having a nesting partner, etc, etc, etc.  I wonder sometimes why it is the human default to judge instead of accept.  Everyone seems to take offense to choices others make.  Like their choices are an insult directed at the different choices others have made.  It makes no sense to me.

    Things with F are moving forward. He actually took all of our kids camping this weekend, so I have a rare bit of time alone this weekend that I’m going to capitalize on.  I’m working a night shift at my second job and going to enjoy the post-night shift sleep too. I have a long overdue date with A tomorrow and then out with G for some soul sister time.  On Sunday, I will enjoy a kid-free sleep in, and I’m meeting friends for coffee and have two dates with new guys.  It’s going to be fun!

    In keeping with the weird world of my dating life, one of the guys I’m going out with, after filling him in with some of my life story, mentioned that his wife had gone to highschool with a girl by my name, then he told me the girl’s last name, and sure enough, it was me.  So, I’ve somehow managed to meet the husband of a friend from high school. Someone I haven’t seen in 25 years, who I actually didn’t remember until she hopped on his OKC profile and filled me in on some things we did together that helped me place her.  It was so bizarre. The world is so small!

    Compared to my first round of internet dating, when I met A, B, and D, this “round” has been different.  I guess I was just extraordinarily lucky to meet three such amazing guys back then.  I immediately met some of the best, and this time have been having to work a lot harder.  One of the things I find funny is the fact that everyone keeps saying I’m “busy” The fact is, I don’t feel busy.  I feel like there is so much time.  I think it’s because my job is winding down for the summer and I have so much alone time in the evenings, and seeing A has been scarce.  My kids are easy to manage, and I have great support.  I feel the need to connect with more people.  To have more sex.  To have more love.  I don’t feel the need to slow down.  I love everything life offers.  


Author: Polyagony or Polyamory

In August 2016, after 10 years of being "happily" married, my husband and I decided to embark on a life embracing polyamory. This blog is about that adventure. It's a place for me to let out my thoughts and emotions, as we discover the good and the bad of the life we have chosen. Several months later, the path we have chosen has led us down different paths, farther and farther away from each other, but no less of an adventure. If anything interests you, I'd love your comments and feedback. Discussion and differing opinions are always welcome.

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